The Institute of Management Consultants of the Philippines, an association of the largest management consulting organizations of the Philippines,  launched  the National Innovation Movement today, February l5, 2018.

IMPHIL President Jocelyn Pick said that it is urgent that the whole country imbibe INNOVATION as the most effective intervention to solve our social and corporate problems , manage disruptions and create new products.  INNOVATION is the key to sustainable development. she said  and that the MOVEMENT initiated by IMPHIL is intended to motivate the whole nation to consciously innovate to improve our situation.

While innovation can be carried out by anyone and any institution, it will be supplemented a proven methodology called TRIZ an acronym  of  the well known innovation technology of  Russian origin    now being used by some of the worlds largest corporations like Intel, Toyota, Hyundai. TRIZ is also presently    taught in many technical schools and adapted by students and young workers for many applications.

According to Mr. Orlando P. Pena, President Emeritus of IMPHIL and Chairman of the Project, IMPHIL will invite the participation of all institutions ,  associations,,  schools , corporations and current practitioners to join  the movement and will train TRIZ trainers and consultants in  all sectors including the government . Innovation activities and consultations will be carried out through the year ending with an INNOVATION SUMMIT in October.

Guest Speaker at the IMPHIL launching ceremony was Dr. Celso Co, eminent TRIZ advocate  and recognized ASEAN AND APEC  engineering expert. He is currently professor at the Technology Institute of the Philippines.  In his speech   he highlighted the applications of TRIZ and will support the IMPHIL initiative as head of the TRIZ training and learning team.

IMPHIL is inviting management and technical consultants to join in this movement. Please refer to IMPHIL Website for particulars.