Original Founders or Incorporators.  They may be individuals or institutions.  For purposes of classification, they may fall under the following categories.  They may be acknowledge separately as Charter member.


A corporation or association duly registered in the Philippines with at least 5 years of consulting experience, with no political or religious affiliation or purpose, whose main business is to provide advisory services to improve the management of industry, business enterprises, national programs and in general institutions engaged in the uplifting of people’s lives.  They maybe profit or non-profit organizations.


A person who is interested or actually involved in advisory services.  There are Three (3) categories of individual members:

  1. Professional Members – Those who have passed the rules on professional accreditation and are entitled to the honors title of FELLOW in MANAGEMENT.
  2. Regular Members – Individuals who join the association to become professional consultants eventually or who now and practice management consulting or serve as Management Consultants to companies or institutions.
  3. Student Members – Individuals who are still studying in College for a degree in Management.

Individuals who have distinguished themselves in management consulting or as advisors to projects or programs that have achieved national or prominence in the area of social, environmental, people and corporate governance.


Regional, International or multilateral organizations that are engaged in the development of the Philippines and have significantly contributed to its progress.

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