IMPHIL Consultancy Beyond Borders: Implications and Opportunities

The Institute of Management Consultants of the Philippines (IMPHIL) conference, “Consultancy Beyond Borders,” is designed to prepare professional management consultants and practitioners for the upcoming ASEAN integration. The conference is open to all management consultants, their technical staff, individual consultants who are registered single proprietorships or partnerships in Management Consulting, as well as those unregistered free agents who do consulting work.

Professionals who work with NGOs and provide consultancy and advisory services to farmers, fisherfolk, women’s organizations, cooperatives, small entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, labor groups, or corporate organizations; on such areas as agriculture, agribusiness, livelihood, arts and crafts, market development, human resources training and development, information technology, technology transfer, empowerment, environment related and oriented systems and solutions, are also most welcome to participate.

The Conference will consist of five main speakers who will describe the scale and scope of the AEC in terms of economic effects; magnitude of change that will take place; strengths and vulnerabilities of Philippine economic sectors; capabili-ties and alliances necessary to face the unprecedented com-petition with special emphasis on Management Consulting; and extent of opportunities that can be tapped to become an ASEAN champion. The topics and schedule are below.


Advancing Philippine Management Consultants to-wards world class standards of technical competence and professional competitiveness.
  • Forecasts for the Volume of Trade and Services Throughout the Region, and the Extent of Competition for Market Penetration and Dominance.
  • Strong and Vulnerable Sectors in the Philippine Economy.
  • Environmental Issues and Immense Economic Activity
  • Impact of Liberalized Professional Services on Management Consultancy Practice.
  • Alliances and Capability Build-ups for Management Consult ants: “Competitive Advantage of International Management Consultant Certification by a Recognized Institutional Association.”

More About IMPHIL

IMPHIL is the brainchild of a handful of Filipino professionals engaged in management consulting services in the Philippines. The idea for its creation stemmed from the realization that Filipino Consultants can make a marked difference in the development of their own country; from the perspective of knowing its culture, traits, history, needs, and the basic principle that Filipinos know best what can make their nation truly independent and genuinely sovereign. It was incorporated as a non-stock, non-profit organization in 1985.

IMPHIL is a member of the Confederation of Filipino Consultants (COFILCO), the umbrella organization of consulting organizations engaged in various technical fields of expertise. COFILCO is the government’s private sector appointed body tasked to accredit consulting firms bidding for projects. COFILCO has assigned IMPHIL to handle the accreditation of Consultants and the validation of claimed expertise and accomplishments.

Recently, IMPHIL has been given the authority to provide Certification to Filipino professionals as International Consultants by the ICMC, a globally recognized body of consulting practitioners. This will give Filipino Management Consultants a competitive edge in bidding for projects with institutions worldwide.

Join Us

      • Date: June 27, 2014, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
        Venue: Cebu Grand Convention Center, Arch. Reyes St., Cebu City
        Registration: 9:00 AM
        Conference Fee: Php 2,000 per participant.
        Avail of a 15% Early Bird Discount up to June 20, 2014!
        To register or for more information, please call 318-5132 (Cebu) or 812-1880/893-5005/631-0281 (Manila), email or visit

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