Orlando P. Peña


A Filipino Citizen, and currently a resident of the Makati City in the Philippines. His email address is oppmakati@yahoo.com

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), Master of Science in Management (MS), University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines, CEO Japanese Management Program, AOTS Tokyo, Japan. Fellow in Management, Philippine Council of Management, Diplomate in Personnel Management, PMAP.

Mr. Peña is known internationally as a DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST in the area development financing reforms and human resources management, training and research having been involved for many years, in programs of the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the African Development, various agencies of the United Nations and the German DSE and USAid. He has trained and provided advice to national development banks and training institutes in ore than 30 countries of Asia and the Pacific region, the Central Asia Republics and the Pacific.

Since l980, he has been the President and CEO of Asia Business Consultants, Inc. (ABC), a Philippine-based training and consulting organization. Founded in 1959. ABC is considered a pioneer in business consulting in the Philippines. It has conducted programs for large and small enterprises as well as international development organizations and governments.

Among his current affiliations are the following: Chairman, World Association of Trainers in Development based in Washington D.C, member Advisory Committee of the JN Institute of Development Banking, Hyderabad, India . In the Philippines, he is Chairman Emeritus and Past President of the People Management Association of the Philippines and Vice President of the Community Chest Foundation of the Philippines .

During his career, he has been involved in the organization and management of prestigious institutions and contributed to the development of strategic projects both in the private sector and in the government. Concurrently he served as the founding Secretary General and Chief Executive of the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP) from 1977 to 1004. In 1994 he became concurrently the Secretary General of the World Federation of Development Financing Institutions (WFDFI). He spent 12 years as a commercial banker before becoming involved in development banking.

He served as visiting Course Director and faculty of the Trainers Program of the EDI of the World Bank for fourteen (14) years, from 1980 to 1994, served as Chief Technical Adviser of a World-Bank – UNDP Training Development Project for Asia and the Pacific. Some of his other affiliations are as follows: Adviser of the Graduate Program in Development Banking, American University, Washington, member, Euro-MBA International Advisory Board, Helsinki University of Technology in Finland; Vice-Chairman of the World Association of Trainers in Development, Washington, D.C.; Faculty Resource, International Training Programs of the Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines; African Development Bank in Abijan, Cote’ D’ Ivoire; the Institute of Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland and the DSE, German Foundation for International Development in Berlin.

He was President of the People Management Association of the Philippines, President of the Philippine Council of Management, Chairman of the Employers Council of the Philippines. He is still Chairman of the Washington D.C. based World Association of Trainers in Development and served previously as Director for Asia of the International Society for Intercultural Training, Research and Development. (SIETAR)

He has been the recipient of several citations and distinguished awards for his achievements including the Bolo Award, rank of Supremo of the Philippine Centennial Commission, the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Association of Development Financing Institutions of Asia and the Pacific, the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Beta Sigma Fraternity (brotherhood of Scholars) of the University of the Philippines, the Distinguished Alumnus Award of the College Business Administration, University of the Philippines and many others.

He is currently an international trainer in Decision Making for Asian Managers, Executive Trainers Training .good corporate governance and Human Resource Management for CEO’s.